Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tears of Heaven

천국의 눈물 / Chungookeh Noonmool / Tears of Heaven

꿈은 없네 초라한 내 환상일 뿐
kkumeun omne chorahan ne hwansangil ppun
There is no dream It's just my miserable fantasy 

모두 잃어버렸네 기대어 울 곳마저
modu iroboryonne gide-o ul gotmajo
I lost everything even a place where i can lean on to cry

꿈은 없네 나 혼자만 남아 우네
kkumeun omne na honjaman nama une
there is no dream ..I have been left alone and i'm crying now 

그대 하나 없는데 온 세상이 흔들리네
geude hana omneunde on sesangi heundeulline
I just lost only you..but why my whole world is now wavered..

왜 늘 웃게 했는지 왜 다 주고 갔는지
we neul utge hetneunji we da jugo gatneunji
why did you make me smile ? why did you give me everything ?

추억으로 위로해도 그 순간뿐
chuogeuro wirohedo geu sun-ganppun
I consoled myself with memory. but it's just only that past-time 

가만히 잠이 오길 기다리네
gamanhi jami ogil gidarine
I 'm now just Waiting for a sleep to come..

제발 거짓말처럼 눈을 뜨면 그대가 있기를
jebal gojitmalchorom nuneul tteumyon geudega itgireul
please, i hope when i open my eyes 'll be here with me a lie...

Hangeul : Melon
Engtrans + Romanized : Sinyanmei@D.E.T/Girlshigh 

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