Saturday, October 1, 2011

[Cover] Minkyung Kim Kook Hwan Tatata

Kang Min Kyung - Kim Kook Hwan (김국환) - 타타타 / Tatata

네가 나를 모르는데
Nega nareul moreuneunde
You don't even know me

난들 너를 알겠느냐
Nandeul neoreul alketneunya
How would I ever know you

한치 앞도 모두 몰라
Hanchi apdo modoo molla
No one knows an in in front of them

다 안다면 재미없지
Da anhamyeon jaemieobji
it's not fun to know at all

바람이 부는 날은
Baramee booneun naleun
when the wind blows

you live with the wind

비 오면 비에 젖어
Bi ohmyeon bieh jeojeo
and when it rains, you live with the rain

사는거지 그런거지
Saneunkeoji geureonkeoji
that's how it is

음~~ 아 허허
Eum ahh heo heo

산다는건 좋은거지
Sandaneungeon joheunkeoji
It's good to live

수지맞는 장사잖소
Soojimatneun jangsajanhso
It's all worth it

알몸으로 태어나서
Almomeuro taeuhnaseo
You were born naked

옷 한벌은 건졌잖소
Oot hanbeoleun keonjeotjangso
And at least you got an outfit

우리네 헛짚은
Oorineh heotjipeun
Missed guesses

in our lives

한 세상 걱정조차
Han sesang keokjeongjocha
Without life's wonders

없이살면 무슨 재미
Eobsisalmyeon mooseun jaemi
It wouldn't be fun

그런게 덤이잖소
Georeonke deomeehanhso
That's what you call a bonus

* Repeat entire lyrics

Hangul and Romanisation: Davichi Lyrics @ blogspot
Translation: sinyanmei


shiningGEMINI said...
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shiningGEMINI said...

Thanks for sharing the lyric & meaning of this lovely song! :)

Nadeshiko said...

When davichi sing this song again in 2013, i got goosebump all over my body.. i'm literally shivering..! it's too amazing to be true.. davichi is the best!

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