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Cover: JYP - Behind You

JYP (박진영) - 너의 뒤에서 / Neoui Dwieseo / Behind You
Covered by Davichi @ 1000 Song Challenge(Nov 29, 2009)

어제는 비가 내렸어
eojeneun biga naeryeosseo
Yesterday it rained

너도 알고 있는지
neodo algo inneunji
You knew it too

돌아선 그 골목에선 난 눈물이
doraseon geu golmogeseon nan nunmuri
I cried when I turned at the side street

언제나 힘들어 하던 너를 바라보면서
eonjena himdeureo hadeon neoreul barabomyeonseo
It's always hard when I'm looking at you

이미 이별을 예감 할 수가 있었어 워
imi ibyeoreul yegam hal suga isseosseo wo
Now, the feeling of separation is there

*너에겐 너무 모자란 나란걸 알고 있기 때문에
*neoegen neomu mojaran narangeol algo itgi ttaemune

For you it's never enough, I know it's because of me

지금 떠나는 널 나는 잡을수 없는거야
jigeum tteonaneun neol naneun jabeulsu eomneungeoya
You are leaving now, I can't hold onto you

넌 이제 떠나지만 너의 뒤에 서 있을꺼야
neon ije tteonajiman neoui dwie seo isseulkkeoya
You're leaving now but I'm standing here right behind you

조금은 멀리 떨어져서 조금도 부담스럽지 않게
jogeumeun meolli tteoreojyeoseo jogeumdo budamseureopji anke
Just a distance away so that it won't be hard

이제 떠나는 길에 힘들고 지쳐 쓰러질 때
ije tteonaneun gire himdeulgo jichyeo sseureojil ttae
Now, on your journey, when you fall weary and tired

조금도 기다리지 않고 나에게 안기어 쉴수 있게
jogeumdo gidariji anko naege angieo swilsu itge
Without a moment late I'll be your strength

너의 뒤에서*
neoui dwieseo*

Behind you*

언젠가 또 다시 내가 필요할지도 몰라
eonjenga tto dasi naega pillyohaljido molla
나의 사랑이 나의 손길이 또 다시 워
naui sarangi naui songiri tto dasi wo

표정없는 아픔의 말을 너는 많이도 미워하겠지
pyojeongeomneun apeumui mareul neoneun manhido miwohagetji
돌아선 나의 눈가에 고인 눈물을 알까
doraseon naui nungae goin nunmureul alkka

* Repeat *

Romanization credit to
Translation credit to farhoney kudo@youtube

Lyrics of the English version
I find myself living in the past holding on to memories
I keep holding on to a love didn't last
Promises made in secrecy kisses stolen in the dark
Are now memories that fill this empty heart
Here I'm trapped in my love for you
Can't convince me to let you go away
Every night I still dream of you
Since you took your love away

Deep down in my heart I know that maybe
I should just let you go
It feels like you're still inside me cause it
Hurts to leave you behind me girl.
When you're all alone at night without that someone
To hold you tight.
Remember how I would love you whispering
words of love to comfort you.
You Belong To Me

When I close my eyes, I can see your eyes, feel
Your touch, your soft embrace
Memories of you just keep on haunting me
I don't know if you're hurting too,
If you are won't you come on back to me.
Promise I'll make it go away kiss the
Pain and Tears away.

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