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Cover: 2NE1 - I Don't Care

2NE1 - I Don't Care
Briefly covered by Davichi at 2009 Melon Music Awards Waiting Room

hey playboy
its about time
and your time’s up
I had to do this one for my girls you know
sometimes you gotta act like you don’t care
that’s the only way you boys learn

니 옷깃에 묻은 립스틱은 나는 절대로 용서못해
ni otgise mudeun ripseutigeun naneun jeoldaero yongseomotae
I can’t ever forgive you for that lipstick on your collar

매일 하루에 수십번 꺼져있는 핸드폰
maeil harue susipbeon kkeojyeoinneun haendeupon
Every day, your phone’s always off

변하지 않을것만 같아 oh oh
byeonhaji anheulgeotman gata oh oh
It doesn’t seem like you’re going to change oh oh

그저 친구라는 수많은 여자친구
geujeo chinguraneun sumanheun yeojachingu
All those girlfriends you call “friends”

날 똑같이 생각하지마 I won’t let it fly
nal ttokgachi saenggakhajima I won’t let it fly
Don’t think of me in the same way as them, I won’t let it fly

이제 니맘대로해 난 미련을 버릴래
ije nimamdaerohae nan miryeoneul beorillae
From now on, do as you want, I’m going to stop caring

한때 정말 사랑했는데 oh
hanttae jeongmal saranghaenneunde oh
For some time I really loved you but oh

가끔씩 술에 취해 전활걸어 지금은 새벽 다섯시반
gakkeumssik sure chwihae jeonhwalgeoreo jigeumeun saebyeok daseossiban
Sometimes you get drunk, and call me, now it’s 5:30 am

넌 또 다른 여자의 이름을 불러 no
neon tto dareun yeojaui ireumeul bulleo no
Again you say another girl’s name no

I don’t care 그만할래 니가 어디에서 뭘 하던
I don’t care geumanhallae niga eodieseo mwol hadeon
I don’t care, I’ll stop caring about what you’re doing wherever you are

이제 정말 상관 안할게 비켜줄래
ije jeongmal sanggwan anhalge bikyeojullae
From now on I really don’t care, I’ll get out of the way

이제와 울고불고 매달리지마
ijewa ulgobulgo maedallijima
From now on don’t come to me and cry, and cling on

cause I don’t care e e e e e e
cause I don’t care e e e e e e
cause I don’t care e e e e e e
cause I don’t care e e e e e e
Boy I don’t care

다른 여자들의 다리를 훔쳐보는
dareun yeojadeurui darireul humchyeoboneun
Stealing glances at other girl’s legs

니가 너무너무 한심해
niga neomuneomu hansimhae
You’re so so hopeless

매일 빼놓는 커플링 나 몰래 한 소개팅
maeil ppaenonneun keopeulling na mollae han sogaeting
Everyday you take off your couple ring, and secretly go on a blind date

더이상 못참을것같아 oh oh oh
deoisang motchameulgeotgata oh oh oh
I don’t think that I’ll be able to take it anymore oh oh oh

넌 절대 아니라는 수많은 나의친구
neon jeoldae aniraneun sumanheun nauichingu
My friends say that you’re not really worth it

넌 늑대란 친구들까지 타일렀지만
neon neukdaeran chingudeulkkaji tailleotjiman
You even went to your wolf-like friends for advice but

차라리 홀가분해 너에게 난 과분해
charari holgabunhae neoege nan gwabunhae
I’d rather keep it simple, I’m too good for you

내 사랑이라 믿었는데 oh oh
nae sarangira mideonneunde oh oh
I believed you were my love but oh oh

오늘도 바쁘다고 말하는 너 혹시나 전화해봤지만
oneuldo bappeudago malhaneun neo hoksina jeonhwahaebwatjiman
Today you said you were busy, I tried phoning you but

역시 뒤에선 여자 웃음소리가 들려 oh no
yeoksi dwieseon yeoja useumsoriga deullyeo oh no
As expected, in the background I heard a girl’s laugh oh no


난 너땜에 울며 지새던 밤을 기억해 boy
nan neottaeme ulmyeo jisaedeon bameul gieokhae boy
Because of you, I remember crying till dawn boy

더 후회할 널 생각하니 맘이 쉬웠네 boy
deo huhoehal neol saenggakhani mami swiwonne boy
I regret every time I think about you when my heart was too easy, huh boy?

날 놓치긴 아깝고 갖기엔 시시하잖니
nal nochigin akkapgo gatgien sisihajannni
I’m too good to throw away and too boring to have

있을때 잘하지 너 왜 이제와 매달리니
isseulttae jalhaji neo wae ijewa maedallini
You should’ve treated me better when we were together why are you clinging to me now

속아준 거짓말만해도 수백번
sogajun geojitmalmanhaedo subaekbeon
You fooled me with your lies hundreds of times

오늘 이후로 난 남자 울리는 bad girl
oneul ihuro nan namja ullineun bad girl
From today on, I’ll be a bad girl who makes guys cry

이젠 눈물 한방울 없이 널 비웃어
ijen nunmul hanbangul eobsi neol biuseo
Now without a single tear, I’ll laugh at you

사랑이란 게임 속 loser
sarangiran geim sok loser
Loser who’s inside a game called love

무릎꿇고 잡을 수 있니
mureupkkurko jabeul su inni
Get on your knees and take me back

아님 눈 앞에서 당장 꺼져
anim nun apeseo dangjang kkeojyeo
If not, get out of my sight right now


Translations: GEE & jjangchoo @ ygladies

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