Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cover: Lee Kwang Jo - Who Was That Person

Lee Kwang Jo (이광조) - 그 누구인가 / Geu Noogooinga / Who Was that Person
Covered by Lee Haeri on Immortal Song 2

오늘따라 희미하게 버려진
Oneulddara himihage beoryeojin
When I remember the memory

추억이 생각나면
Chooeokee saenggaknamyeon
That was abandoned dimly

곁에서듯 속삭이는 한사람
Gyeotehseodeut soksakeeneun hansaram
The person who whispers to me like he is standing right next to me

그 누구인가
Geu noogooinga
Who was that person?

나는 또다시 까닭도 모를
Naneun ddodashi ggadalgdo moreun
Again I feel

슬픔에 빠져서
Seulpeumeh bbajyeoseo
The sadness that I don't know why

세월로 숨어버리네
Sewollo soomeobeorineh
I hide myself behind the line

비에 젖은듯 떨려 다가온
Bieh jeojeundeut ddeollyeo dagaon
The one who came to me trembling like he was soaked with rain

그대는 자그맣고 하얀 비둘기였나
Geudaeneun jageumahago hayan bidoolgiyeotna
Were you a small and white pigeon?

My dear

저하늘 너머로
Jeohaneul neomeoro
Over that sky

손에 손을 잡고서
Soneh soneul jabgoseo
By holding hands

그대는 꿈을꾸듯 걷자했지만
Geudaeneun ggoomeulggoodeut geothaetjiman
You told me to walk like we were dreaming

가슴가득 고여드는 그리움을 달래며
Gaseumgadeuk goyeodeuneun Geurioomeul dallaemyeo
While bearing the longing that came into your heart

왜 그토록 많은 눈물을 흘리셨나요
Wae geutorok manheun noonmooleul Heullisyeotnayo
Why did you shed a lot of tears

My dear


Hangul and Romanisation: DavichiLyrics
Translation: Sinyanmei


Sabrina Rochelle Kalangie said...

could anyone give the english translation? i really want to know.. :') hae ri sang the song beautifully that time and i almost cry when i heard it, even though i don't know what the lyrics means.. haha :P

Anonymous said...

yes could you give the english trans? this is really beautiful. it's a shame she didn't win though.

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