Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cover: Jung Hoon Hee - Uninhabited Island

Jung Hoon Hee (정훈희) - 무인도 / Mooindo / Uninhabited Island

*파도여 슬퍼말아라
Pa-do-yeo seul-peo-mal-a-ra
파도여 춤을 추어라
Pa-do-yeo choom-eul choo-eo-ra
끝없는 몸부림에
GGeut-eob-neun mom-boo-rim-eh
파도여 파도여 서러워마라
Pa-do-yeo pa-do-yeo seo-reo-wo-ma-ra

솟아라 태양아 어둠을 헤치고
Sos-a-ra tae-yang-ah eo-doom-eul he-chi-go
찬란한 고독을 노래하라
Chan-ran-han go-dok-eul no-rae-ha-ra
빛나라 별들아 캄캄한 밤에도
Bit-na-ra byeol-deul-ah kam-kam-han bam-eh-do
영원한 침묵을 비춰다오
Yeong-won-han chim-mook-eul bi-chwo-da-oh
불어라 바람아
Bool-eo-ra ba-ram-ah
드높아라 파도여 파도여*
Deu-nop-a-ra pa-do-yeo pa-do-yeo

* 반복 (Repeat)

Hangul and Romansation: DavichiLyrics

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Anu Jaya said...

Hello, we are from Sri Lanka,thank you very much for publishing the lyrics of the song Jung Hoon Hee - Uninhabited Island and I'm glad that you have published the romanisation too, which helped us to read the words easily.These days we are searching the piano sheet music of this song so if you could help us find it, it will be highly appreciated.
(At least suggest some korean music book shops or a link that might have the piano music notation to tha following email

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