Friday, February 27, 2015

Taste of Tears

맛 있어서 눈물이나 / Mas Isseoseo Noonmooleena / Taste of Tears

오늘 친구와 맛 있는 걸 먹었어
oneul chinguwa mat inneun geol meogeosseo
I had a delicious meal with a friend today

문득 늘 함께 하던 니 생각이 나
mundeuk neul hamkke hadeon ni saenggagi na
But suddenly, I thought of you, who used to always be with me

난 그냥 눈물이 났어
nan geunyang nunmuri nasseo
So I just started to tear up

길을 가다 흘러 나온 그 익숙한 노래
gireul gada heulleo naon geu iksukhan norae
As I walked down the street, I heard that familiar song

우리 같이 듣던 그땔 생각나게 해…
uri gachi deutdeon geuttael saenggangnage hae…
It makes me think of those times we used to listen to it together

나 혼자 너무 맛있게 먹어서 눈물이나
na honja neomu masitge meogeoseo nunmurina
Tears come because I ate so deliciously by myself

예전처럼 너 함께 하고 싶은데
yejeoncheoreom neo hamkke hago sipeunde
I want to be with you like before

난 세상에서 니가 젤 편했다는 거 아니
nan sesangeseo niga jel pyeonhaetdaneun geo ani
Did you know that I was most comfortable with you out of anyone in the world?

누구보다, 오랜 친구보다 더 니가
nuguboda, oraen chinguboda deo niga
More than anyone else, more than a long-time friend

나 혼자 너무 재밌게 영활 봐 눈물이 나
na honja neomu jaemitge yeonghwal bwa nunmuri na
Tears come because I had so much fun watching a movie by myself

예전처럼 너 같이 보고 싶은데
yejeoncheoreom neo gachi bogo sipeunde
I want to watch it with you like before

난 세상에서 니가 젤 좋았다는 거 아니
nan sesangeseo niga jel johatdaneun geo ani
Did you know that I liked you the most of anyone in the world?

그누구도 너를 이길수는 없었어
geunugudo neoreul igilsuneun eobseosseo
No one else could win you

가끔 내 사진 찍어보내고
gakkeum nae sajin jjigeobonaego
Taking my picture and sending it to you sometimes

일어나면 서로 문자 인사를 하고
ireonamyeon seoro munja insareul hago
Texting each other as soon as we wake up

그저 그렇게 일상적인 일
geujeo geureoke ilsangjeogin il
Those little, everyday things

그게 미치도록 그리워만 져
geuge michidorok geuriwoman jyeo
I miss those things like crazy

나는 그래
naneun geurae
I’m like that

우리 싸웠던 기억들 마저 이젠 그리워
uri ssawotdeon gieokdeul majeo ijen geuriwo
Now I even miss the memories of us fighting

너에게 난 어떤 사람이었을까
neoege nan eotteon saramieosseulkka
What kind of person was I to you?

오늘 있었던 시시콜콜한 얘길 나누며
oneul isseotdeon sisikolkolhan yaegil nanumyeo
I want to talk about this and that and what happened today

이 모든 걸 다시 하고 싶어져 너와
i modeun geol dasi hago sipeojyeo neowa
I want to do all of these things with you again

뭐든지 함께 했는데
mwodeunji hamkke haenneunde
Whatever it was, we did it together

너무 보고 싶어서
neomu bogo sipeoseo
Because I miss you so much

니가 보고 싶어서
niga bogo sipeoseo
Because I miss you

Tears come


Romanisation credit: beautifulsonglyrics@blogspot
Translation credit: popgasa

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